Veterinary Locum Rewards

Get Rewarded for Working as a Locum with Carlton Professional.

We believe in rewarding our hard working Vet & Vet Nurse candidates for taking up work placements with our client practices.

 First: Just register for a reward


Get a free Travel Mug to stay hydrated at work

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Or a Fob Watch on Registering as a Carlton Locum

Second: Collect reward points.

Earn loyalty points for each day’s locum completed and convert this to a free set of veterinary scrubs or workwear.
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On completing your locum work you will start collecting your loyalty points. These can be “cashed in” once you have accumulated enough.

Click here for further info on work scrubs offer.

I) The scheme has no cash value or equivalent.

II) The scheme is administered by Carlton Professional, who reserve the right to amend or withdraw the scheme at any point.






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