Locum Info

Overview and Information for Locum Veterinary Workers

For anyone wishing to work as a locum, it is important that you consider a  number of areas, to ensure that you are amply protected and working legally within the guidelines of the Inland Revenue. Guidelines set out by the Inland Revenue concerning employment verses self-employment (commonly referred to as IR35).

We can also give you information on  how best to write your CV and variety of work permits available to  people wishing to work as a vet or vet nurse in Britain


Alternatively if you wish, we have a selection of contacts that we can provide you with, covering a range of locum services . Whilst considering your preferences and the context of your work, it’s helpful to know what your options are in order to make an informed decision on what will work best for you, whether that is self employment, running a Ltd Company or utilising the services of an umbrella service.  Contact our office and speak to Lorna for more information on 0115 968 1515.

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